When to visit the Grand Canyon South Rim?The South Rim is open year-round,24 hours a day.Of course,there's not much of the Grand Canyon to see in the dark hours,but you don't want to miss the opportunity to stand on Mather or Yaki Point and see the sunrise over the East Rim,otherwise known as Desert View,nor do you want to leave before experiencing the sunset from Hopi,Yaki or Mather Points.There are evening park ranger programs and dark-sky star-gazing you won't want to miss.To book the Grand Canyon South Rim tours from Las Vegas on the website with deals.

During the daylight hours,be sure to take in all the sights,browse the visitor centers,stroll the Rim Trail or hike a bit down into the Canyon on Bright Angel or South Kaibab Trails,attend free ranger talks,and grab a bite to eat at one of the lodges or in the Marketplace Cafe.Because Grand Canyon Village at the South Rim is the most developed of the three rim areas,with most of the essential services you might need,like an ATM,pet kennel,post office,clinic,food,chapel,day care and National Park departments,you'll find plenty of things to do from dawn'til dusk.

Grand Canyon South Rim tours from Las Vegas,When to visit the Grand Canyon South Rim


There are twelve glorious months a year to visit the South Rim of the Grand Canyon,and each season has its own strengths and negatives.The spring and fall are less crowded,and the Kaibab Plateau surrounding the South and North Rims is ablaze with wildflowers from late March through May and with golden aspen in early October.Winter at the South Rim offers the chance to see the multitudinous layers of rock dusted in white,and the smallest crowds of the year,opening the door to availability of the choicest lodging on the Rim and nearby.These three seasons may,however,bring unpredictable temperatures,limited visibility,reduced shuttle routes,shorter days,and fewer National Park programs from which to choose.

If your visit will occur during the peak summer season at the South Rim,May through September,you'll certainly experience the best months when it comes to weather,available programs and school vacation schedules.But the flip side to visiting the South Rim in summer means crowds,sold-out hotels and tours;expect crowded parking lots,viewpoints,hiking trails,food outlets and ranger talks.

The best way to combat the crowds is to plan at least 12 months in advance and book your reservations early for lodging,campgrounds,tours,and fine dining.You should also plan to park outside the entrance,and use the Park Shuttle system and your own walking power liberally.Above all,be sure to pack your patience and flexibility;it's easier to relax and deal with the crowds and lines if you keep and open mind and an open schedule.