To book the Grand Canyon North Rim tours on the website,and travel around the Grand Canyon by our ultimate guide about exploring the Grand Canyon North Rim.Visiting the Grand Canyon North Rim has been on my bucket list for a while,so it was an easy must-see destination during our American Southwest Road Trip Vacation.We were lucky enough to book a cabin for a night(best decision ever!)and we were able to experience the sunset over the beautiful North Rim views.

Grand Canyon North Rim tours,Ultimate Guide To Exploring The Grand Canyon North Rim

We started our Southwest Vacation by flying into Las Vegas and staying the night in the city.The following morning we completed the 5(ish)hour drive to the Grand Canyon North Rim.The drive was pretty long but worth it to experience such an amazing place.

The Grand Canyon North Rim was as wonderful as I expected.The Visitor Center and Grand Canyon Lodge are two places you should definitely check out while you are here.I picked up a pack of beautifully designed National Parks postcards in the Visitor Center and the Lodge itself is beautiful and has a really awesome view of the Grand Canyon.The National Park workers are also super friendly and can help you plan your visit.

Staying at the North Rim

I highly recommend booking a cabin for a night at the North Rim.It was SO nice to relax and watch the sunset over Grand Canyon,without having to worry about driving back to stay at a hotel.(There are not a lot of options out here for hotels,either.)There are quite a few cabins but they book up quickly,so it’s best to make your reservations ASAP.We got lucky and ended up finding one of the last cabins available for the date we were planning to visit.So,if they are already booked up,you can check back periodically to see if anyone has cancelled their reservation.The cost was about$150 for a small,two bed cabin.There are also camping sites available here,which would be a fun place to camp if you are into that.

Food at the North Rim

There are three different options for food at the North Rim:The Grand Canyon Lodge Dining Room,Deli In The Pines,and Roughrider Saloon.We opted out of eating at the Lodge Dining Room because it was the most expensive options and reservations are required.Deli In The Pines and Roughrider Saloon had similar options-the Deli had more food options and the Saloon had more drink options.I had a Prickly Pear Margarita and it.was.amazing.