Grand Canyon near Las Vegas,plan your Grand Canyon trip

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  2. On Jul 11, 2018
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Begin your Grand Canyon vacation with our bus tours,to visit the Grand Canyon near Las Vegas.When planning a Grand Canyon vacation,the first three big questions that cross most people's minds are 1)Where should we visit?2)Where should we stay?and 3)What should we do?More questions are likely to follow such as What time of year should we go to the Grand Canyon?How do we get there,in terms of flying into a nearby airport,arranging ground transportation or a rental car,or booking a tour;and What is the most cost-effective way to visit the Grand Canyon?

The easiest place to begin answering these questions and planning your Grand Canyon vacation is with your starting city.If you know you're coming to the Grand Canyon from either Las Vegas or Phoenix,as most people do,you'll quickly be able to see the answers to your following questions will fall right into place.For example,if you're starting from Las Vegas,you'll then want to Choose a Rim,which will most likely be the West Rim because it's the closest and most accessible by guided tours from Las Vegas.If your trip will originate in Phoenix,you'll very likely want to choose the South Rim.

From there,you'll be able to narrow your trip planning to focus on booking hotels in cities nearest your chosen rim,selecting tours that originate from the city you've chosen,and figure out what driving directions or transportation options you need to consider.

Grand Canyon near Las Vegas,plan your Grand Canyon trip

With so much to see and do here at Grand Canyon West,you may want to stay overnight to experience it all.If you want to stay right on the West Rim,just steps away from the Canyon amid the howls of coyotes and the clearest night sky imaginable,reserve one of our rustic Hualapai Ranch cabins for your visit.

Each of these 26 cabins faces the rim of the Grand Canyon and has a front porch with chairs for admiring the view.The porch is ideal for watching each day’s sunrise and sunset as they bathe the canyon with warm yellows,golds,purples,and reds that dramatically contrast with the Canyon's deep,dancing shadows.In addition to lodging,Hualapai Ranch offers exciting recreational activities,a gift shop,and an on-site dining hall all within a few minutes’walk.