Grand Canyon National Park Airport, Which Airport nearest to Grand Canyon?

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Mar 19, 2017
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For many travelers who want to go to Grand Canyon National Park Airport, they always have some questions about Grand Canyon National Park Airport when they do the planning to there. And here're some tips about it.

Grand Canyon National Park

One of our custmer ever asked a question as this: "We are flying from Seattle and would like to visit the Grand Canyon National Park. Which airport is the best one to arrive at to see the above. Phoenix or Las Vegas, or perhaps another? We have 2 kids aged 10 and 13, is it really worth taking them to Las Vegas? Also, any suggestions as to which rim we should go to?"

Phoenix is closer than Vegas. Some people take kids to Vegas some don't. And please pay attention to your trip date when you planning on visiting. The North Rim is closed during the winter. The South Rim has lodging, dining, shopping and of course plenty of trails and viewpoints!

The closest if the Flagstaff airport but either way you'd have a layover in Phxoenix. If you aren't planning on visiting Las Vegas Tour, I'd skip it and drive from Phx to the GC. I'd also recommend going to the South rim of the GC especially if its the first time. North rim is nice too but its a lot more driving.

visiting Las Vegas

Just to add to your confusion, your kids (and you) might be interested in seeing Hoover Dam on the Vegas to GC route. It is truly amazing structure to walk across. I've never done the Phoenix to Vegas route however so what do I know. A night or two in Vegas combined with GC makes for some extremely varied experiences. Much as I "detest" Vegas I keep going there on my GC trips. And I have usually found rental cars cheaper in Vegas than Phoenix if that matters.