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The summer vacation is coming, to plan a trip to Grand Canyon Museums and Historical Sites with kids with Grand Canyon tours guides would be a good choose. A large topographic relief model in the front room of the Yavapai Observation Station mimics the canyon view in remarkable detail. The map is a dimensional, tactile model that has true color and labeling directly applied. Visitors can quickly gain an eye-opening vantage to the three-dimensional nature and scale of the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Tours Guides

Yavapai Geology Museum

Located at the historic Yavapai Observation Station, the museum of geology tells the story of the Grand Canyon's formation through beautiful photographs, topographical models, artwork and interactive exhibits.

the National Park Service re-dedicated the historic Yavapai Observation Station — originally called the Yavapai Point Trailside Museum — on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. New geology exhibits, consistent with the vision of the building’s designers to “make the out-of-doors intelligible,” were also unveiled.

Tusayan Museum and Ruins

Over 800 years ago, the Pueblo Indians built a thriving community on the edge of the Grand Canyon. With its collection of pottery, arrowheads and household items, the Tusayan Museum and ruins provide a unique window into their way of life.

Grand Canyon Tours Guides

Kolb Studio

The Kolb brothers literally built their photography studio on the rim of the Grand Canyon, setting the stage for some of the location's most iconic images. Today their legacy lives on with exhibits of their work and art inspired by the Grand Canyon.

Desert View Watchtower

Architect Mary E. J. Colter designed a number of notable buildings on the Grand Canyon's South Rim, including the Desert View Watchtower. Completed in 1932, the building was inspired by ancient pueblo watchtowers and offers spectacular views from the observation deck. Together with Hopi House, Lookout Studio and Hermits Rest, the Desert View Watchtower is one of several Colter-designed buildings in the park to be designated a National Historic Landmark.