Grand Canyon,Horseshoe Bay and Antelope Canyon Bus Tour from Las Vegas

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  2. On Apr 1, 2017
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Las Vegas around the tour we are most familiar with the Grand Canyon,but the landlord focus,strongly,very recommended death canyon and Antelope Canyon Bus Tour from Las Vegas.In the west of Las Vegas driving about 3 hours away.

One:Death Canyon-Badwater Pool-North America Lowest Point

Online on the death of the canyon of the introduction are mostly the dead trees,barren scene,the landlord introduced the Badwater Pool is the real cause of death canyons(breath of death valley).Due to the higher salt in the soil,the animals and plants in the death canyon can not survive.

The Badwater Pool is a basin with a low level of 855 meters below the sea level.The original is a reservoir,after a long baptism,the water evaporated dry,the ground is not the accumulation of soil,but salt,salt,salt,important things to say three times.The distance glowing light that is the lake,near to see like a pile of mud,but it is snow to see the white bar.


Antelope Canyon Bus Tour

Bad water is the lowest point in North America.This name comes from a small pool of underground springs here,due to the accumulation of salt in the basin,the lake can not be used for human consumption.The honeycomb-like salt crystals in the basin are gradually formed by the salt shells on the surface of the basin due to the annual rainwater evaporation cycle and repeated frozen thawing.

Badwater is the death valley of the United States,once a lake,and now almost dry up.The area of the death valley has a total of 3,000 square miles,of which 550 square miles below the sea level,located in California and Nevada border,about 224 km from Las Vegas.Because of the arid and raging fire here,so many of the dead valley as a shortcut to go to California mining gold rush,often unfortunate to be buried in the relentless desert,the death valley's reputation is not the way to go,death valley also And hence the name.

Death Valley National Park

Two:the Grand Canyon of Colorado-Grand Canyon

Exclusive experience sharing:

(1)for the likes of the pro,the proposed Grand Canyon to play 3-5 days,walking on the canyon walk 1 day,up more difficult,bring their own good dry

(2)driving the pro-driving tour of the pro,if you see the map or guide signs written here do not let private vehicles pass,please consciously ignored,the landlord is the first attraction is really obedient without driving into the results go to the legs soft,the actual On the crooked nuts are driving into the

(3)the Grand Canyon fares increase the trend every year,want to fare evasion pro recommended morning view of the sunrise time into the self-help buying the gate is open,the artificial ticket and ticket staff did not work,so the import is not People guard,the export is also no need to vote,so,hey,you understand.

Antelope Canyon Bus Tour

Grand Canyon National Park(las vegas to grand canyon bus tour)

Driving from Las Vegas to the southern edge of the Grand Canyon on the road will go through two well-known town of 66,Jin Man and Williams town,along the way,is the largest souvenir shop,if necessary,Highway 66,Grand Canyon,Antelope Canyon and other souvenirs,the landlord suggested that everyone in the Golden Man's visitor center to buy,because the price here is the whole canyon souvenir shop the cheapest.But also the only one can buy each state was eliminated from the old license plate,the landlord husband had intended to enter an old license plate,because did not find a meaningful number to give up,that the next trip will meet,the results missed this Shop,landlord no longer see which gift year to sell the real license plate.


Three:antelope canyon-Antelope Canyon+horseshoe bay(horseshoe bend overlook)

Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bay are all in the town of Peggy,the distance between the two attractions is very close.From the Grand Canyon to Peggy on the road almost all the way there is no network signal,passing the village and even small to even subway and McDonald's are not,completely a big American rural scene,take this route pro must be downloaded in advance Offline google map,otherwise,it is a blind eye

As a photographer,the landlord two months in advance in the official website( 10 am collection,10:30 visit the photographic tickets,two people together with taxes and fees together 116 US dollars(small expensive)The Trip the day the landlord encountered a couple said that the scene to buy tickets,direct money to the Indian tour guide,only 30 dollars a person(should be completely into the tour guide pocket).So,if it is off-season to travel to the scene may wish to take a chance.

Antelope Canyon is located in the Indian protected area,all visitors to a local collection,and then by the Indians to take a pickup truck into the canyon area,personally think that this is to give the local income,the second is to take into account everyone's safety,Area dusty,ground potholes.It is recommended that you bring a mask,into the canyon line raised the gray layer as much as the construction site,10 minutes away from the landlord of the camera surface covered with a layer of gray.

Antelope Canyon

Need to remind everyone that the visit time is basically an hour or so,one into the same is a line.When you go in,the Indian tour guide will introduce the formation of the antelope canyon,including helping you to take a beautiful picture of the United States.Such as the above figure of love and sunrise,are guided by the guidance of the completion.Landlord that the guide in the Indian tour guide to visit the antelope canyon is the biggest advantage is that they can help adjust the color of the camera,any phone can get any camera,shoot out are this dark red rock color,the sun's exposure is a good show The combination of light and shadow.Mobile phone shooting is the best Samsung,brush the apple several streets,the landlord is Canon 5D3 camera,select the P mode.As the light inside the canyon is too dark,the shutter time is longer,in the absence of a tripod in the case,many photos are blurred.Visit the original road when the return is really crowded,most of the Japanese tour groups,there is no way to shoot panoramic photos,the basic is a quick retreat.

Antelope Canyon Tour

Horseshoe Bay is part of the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon,the attractions without tickets,but the attractions did not imagine the magnificent and spectacular,the landlord must Tuscan look,from the parking lot to the horseshoe Bay walking time about 20 minutes.The best shooting point also 2 places,we had to wait for one by one line.Almost lying on the cliff side do a POSE.