Planning your holiday in Grand Canyon from Las Vegas,and travel around by our travel tips which about the destinations and spots near Grand Canyon.The Grand Canyon is essentially a huge rift in the earth extending about 277 miles(446 kilometers)from east to west.Grand Canyon East is NOT a definition used by the National Park Service.It is a definition used by local people to mark the area where a number of popular sites can be visited.

Destinations&Spots near Grand Canyon worth you visit:

Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon has long been a destinations for locals.Now it is also a destination for travelers across the globe.The beauty of this slot canyon is indescribable.You have to see it to understand its beauty.Antelope Canyon has two sections:Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon.Each has its own beauty but the upper section is generally more crowded.In addition to Antelope Canyon there are other slot canyons in the area

Grand Canyon from Las Vegas,Destinations&Spots near Grand Canyon worth you visit

Rainbow Bridge National Monument,a landform made of sandstone,is viewable by tours from Lake Powell or by air tours from the Page Municipal Airport.You won’t want to miss the opportunity to see this amazing formation–one of the largest natural bridges in the world!

Don’t miss the opportunity to take a helicopter flight and land on Tower Butte!The views from the top are absolutely breath-taking!This tour departs from the Page Municipal Airport and takes you to a place that few others have had the opportunity to visit.Don’t forget your camera or your friends won’t believe you when you tell them about this place!