Going to Grand Canyon from LA,and to Las Vegas:by train or car?

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Apr 27, 2017
  3. North America
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Does anyone know how the drive about the travel line to Grand Canyon from LA and to Las Vegas,is easy,flat,or difficult?Or go there by train or car is better?You may also be confused by these problems.And here're the answeer:



If you have high speed internet try GoogleEarth.Free.Very cool feature is to turn on 3D topography and tilt the horizon down.Then set altitude to 50-100 feet above the surface elevation and"fly"the route.In various places you can switch to street view and see 360°photos from street level.Useful for scoping out services like restaurants and hotels.Then when you get there you'll have a wonderful but wierd sense of deja vu.Takes a lot of irritating surprises out of the trip.

We have made the drive from Orange County to Yellowstone many many times.Now we usually drive about 12 hours the first day and stay somewhere past Salt Lake City,just stopping for meals and to stretch our legs.To come home we are up very early and leave Jackson Lake lodge about 4am and drive straight home...about 16hours,as stated above.We have taken trip where we stopped at Zion on the way,but we wanted to do some hiking in Zion,so we would stay atleast 2 nights so we would have alteast one full day for Zion.Personally I would skip Cody on this trip and either spend another night in Zion,or drive straight to Jackson with maybe one overnight in a highway close hotel in Utah.

The drive is very interesting...lots of desert,but adequate rest stops along the way.We always bring a small cooler with drinks and snacks.

Last visit we decided not to drive and flew to Salt Lake City and rented a car.Well,this year we are driving again.We aren't getting any younger,but really enjoy the car trip to Yellowstone.

I've worked in Yellowstone the past four summers and this 2010 summer will be my 5th.I leave the 27th of May from the San Diego area to check-in on the 29th.I'm not sure why you're going to Cody if your destination is Yellowstone.Cody is about an hour from the East entrance,and since you'll be coming up from the south,through Utah,getting to Cody is way out of the way.Just look at any map of the western United States and you'll see where Cody is in relation to the park.Anyhow,from LA head east on#15 up through Las Vegas,up to SLC,then still on 15 up into Idaho.At Idaho Falls get on#20 to the town of West Yellowstone,Mt.,which is the town just outside the West entrance of the park.This is the usual way of entering the park from west.

Or,as a few others have mentioned,entering from the south end of the park coming through Jackson Hole,but again,a longer drive,back road/highway experience.When I was a reservation agent the winter of 2008/09 I would suggest to guests to enter from the west entrance,and then when leaving the park to go out the south entrance so they could experience the Tetons,then head west from Jackson.Again,get a map of the western US which would have Ca,Nev,Idaho,Wyoming,and probably Colorado also on it,This way you can really get a feel for where the park is in relation to CA and the different and most efficient ways of getting there.There are 5 entrances into the park,but again,coming from the west/Ca,going in through the west entrance is the usual way.