Getting To Know The Rome City,Rome City Guide

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Sep 13, 2017
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Rome is one of the oldest cities in the world and one that seems to attract people from all over.Living and working in Rome can be challenging,not only because of the cultural differences,but also because of the paperwork involved.Still,the magic of the"Eternal City"is enough to get you through the hurdles of setting up house there.With our Rome city guide to getting to know the Rome city.

Rome City Guide


If you plan on living in Rome for an extended period of time,you will need to find work.Work permits(known as Permesso di Soggiorno)for non-European residents are difficult to obtain and may require that you secure a job well in advance of your estimated time of arrival.To do that,you should obtain a job offer from a company in Rome,who will then need to obtain an authorization from the Department of Labor.Certain professions,including lecturers,IT professionals and doctors,may have more chance of obtaining a job.Teaching English is another quick way to make money.


Work out a budget as early as possible in the moving process.Rome is a highly touristic city,which means it is also relatively expensive.Unless you have enough money not to have to worry about these things,you will need to look into costs for renting an apartment,food and transportation.In most cases,it makes sense to live away from the city center.Rent is cheaper and you will have more access to traditional supermarkets rather than having to shop where the tourists do.Transportation in Rome is excellent,so you shouldn't have any trouble getting around.