Getting To Know Paris By Paris City Guide

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Sep 14, 2017
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Paris is a large metropolis.However,like most other major cities,Paris has an excellent public transportation system,most notably the Paris metro subway system.Getting to know Paris by Paris city guide.

Paris City Guide


Residents of Paris don't have to spend the money on purchasing a large car,spending a lot of money on parking space,and of course,the incredible costs of gasoline.The Paris Metro is convenient,quick,cheap(a 10 ticket book will probably set you back a mere 10 euros)and probably the most reliable method of transport in Paris.There also is a great bus system in this city.And above all,since the city is a pedestrian city,many people walk and even bike here.And those are free.


One of the best things about Paris is also one of the worst things.Paris is internationally known and appreciated for being a glamorous center of fashion.However,this positive results in the negative of clothes being extremely expensive here.The city is full of designer boutiques,vast department stores and more,all full of label names and the best materials around.For those on a shoestring budget,there are also cheaper options in certain department stores and chain shops such as Tati.Though Paris is in general extremely expensive when it comes to clothes and accessories,those who look hard can often come across great deals.