Getting Around Frankfurt,Best Frankfurt Tours to Look Around

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Aug 3, 2017
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Frankfurt is a city of contrasts.People are both fiercely proud of their traditions and history and completely adaptable to their ever-changing way of life.Getting around Frankfurt with family,find your best Frankfurt tours to look around.It is famous for its futuristic skyline and financial district,but Frankfurt is also home to historic squares with cobble stone streets,half-timbered houses and traditional apple wine bars.Start at the Romer in the re-constructed Altstadt(old city).This medieval building is one of the city's most important landmarks.

Frankfurt Tours

The best way to get around in Frankfurt is by public transportation.The city has a very well developed and modern public transportation system,consisting of trams,subways,buses.

Frankfurt Accommodations

Frankfurt hosts many international trade shows,such as the annual Frankfurt Book Fair in fall or the Frankfurt Auto Show every two years in summer.This can limit the amount of accommodation available and the price.If you plan to travel to Frankfurt during a trade show,make sure to reserve your hotel room early and be prepared for higher rates.

Frankfurt Top Attractions

Goethe House and Museum

Frankfurt has the distinction of being the birthplace of Germany's greatest writer,Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.His family home,Goethe House,is where Goethe was born on August 28,1749,and where he lived until 1765 and shows how the well-to-do family(and their staff)would have lived.There are many rooms to explore,from the sumptuous décor of the Dining Room on the main floor to Goethe's writing room on the top floor where he penned many of his early works,and where he played as a child with his puppet theater.

Frankfurt Tours

Senckenberg Natural History Museum

It's home to the world's largest collection of stuffed birds,along with an extensive exhibit outlining the development of mankind.English language tours are available,and audio guides can be rented(€3).Along with its numerous displays relating to our planet's biodiversity and the evolution of organisms,the museum houses Europe's biggest exhibition of large dinosaurs,making it particularly popular with families(a number of life-size replica dinosaurs greet guests in the museum's forecourt).

Art City:The Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art

The Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art(MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt)is widely regarded as one of Europe's most important galleries of contemporary art.The museum also operates MMK Zollamt,a satellite exhibition space featuring works by younger unknown artists.Other art-related attractions of note are the Städel Art Museum with its excellent collection of paintings from the 14th century,including works by Rembrandt and Goya;the Frankfurt Museum of Applied Art with its more than 30,000 items of European and Asian applied art,including furniture,tapestries,glass,ceramics and books;and Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt with its exhibits of both modern and contemporary art.