Get out of NYC and explore the US East Coast

  1. By Globerouter
  2. On Aug 11, 2019
  3. North America
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The East coast of the United States is full of underrated travel experiences, especially since it's so easy to be overwhelmed by the city lights of Hollywood or the slot machines in Las Vegas before you can get there. From the major metropolises to the small towns, there's something for every interest along the coast line. 

Food and drink


Each of the East coast states has its own specialty food, many of them making use of delicious seafood straight from the ocean. In New Haven, Connecticut, white clam pizza is a popular delicacy, and Maryland is famous for its blue crabs, but there's nothing quite like the lobster diners in Boston. If seafood isn't your flavour, head over to Delaware for some good old-fashioned chicken and vinegar fries, or test out Virginia's prize-winning ham. In case you're short on time, a food tour is a great way to explore as many unique culinary offerings as possible, and if you're partial to a great brew, you'll also want to make time for a tour of a beer or cider factory in Waterbury, Vermont.

The great outdoors


Of the major cities on the East coast, Boston is one of the best places to get back to nature. The capital of Massachusetts is home to the oldest botanical garden and public park in America, making it the perfect destination for weary travellers chasing some downtime. If you prefer the beach, you'll find some of the best sand and surf in Miami, Florida, and North and South Carolina. The East Coast is also home to one of nature's great watery treasures, Niagara Falls, and this is more than just an amazing photo opportunity - you can even board a boat ride and get close to the action. 


Endless entertainment


Whether you're travelling alone, as a couple, or with your family, the East coast has something to keep every age group entertained. The original Disneyland in Florida is a must-do for those with young children, and Universal Studios theme park offers some great thrill rides for older kids. Meanwhile, young adults can get their thrills through the vibrant nightlife in Jersey Shore or New Jersey's Atlantic City, a spot with all the bright lights and cheap thrills of Las Vegas. 

Culture in every colour


Beyond New York, America's North East cities are home to some of the best artistic and cultural experiences in the country. Lovers of design and architecture will feel right at home in Portland, Maine, or Manchester, New Hampshire. Both cities are filled with exquisite buildings, just begging to be photographed and posted on social media. You’ll also find plenty of opportunities to gawk at impressive pieces of art, with galleries spotted along the coast. Even Washington DC, home of monuments and war memorials, boasts The National Gallery of Art, and it's worth a long, leisurely visit, as are the galleries at Yale and Harvard Universities. 


History galore


There's a whole lot of historical value lying along the East coast, from the nation's capital to the site of the famous Salem witch trials. If you're looking for a holiday experience filled with unique experiences and bucket list wins, you'll find it amongst the Eastern states. You could start by walking the Boston Freedom Trail, or with a museum tour in the nation's oldest city, Philadelphia, but eventually you'll want to visit Washington DC, home of the White House and gateway to much of America's history. 

Fire and ice   


Unlike Central USA, the East coast states offer visitors an opportunity to experience all four seasons. In Summer, check out some of the country's best beaches in Florida, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Georgia. If you time your visit right, you might even get to witness a few turtle eggs hatching. When winter arrives, you can take to the mountains in Vermont and make the most of the snow season. There's no better way to enjoy the cold weather than with endless skiing, snowboarding, and ice-skating. 


Great games


Amongst the best cities on the East coast for sports fans are basketball hotspots like Springfield, Massachusetts and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As one of the United States' favourite sports, you'll find basketball games being played all over the country, but Springfield and Philadelphia are amongst the best spots on the East coast to catch a game. Even college games at lobster diners in Boston0 have been known to get hearts racing. If basketball isn't your thing, you can always opt for a baseball game in Portland, Maine instead. You don't need to be a sports fanatic to enjoy soaking up the atmosphere of a live game, especially when some of the best players in the country are at the pitch or on the court. 

A lifestyle for the long-term


Many popular East coast cities are also great places for long-term stays. If you're planning to hang around for a few months or longer, you'll find some cities more accommodating than others. Some of America's most livable cities are known for a strong median income, and a low cost of living, like lobster diners in Boston0, Florida, and Greenville, South Carolina, while others earn the title based on liveability or desirability. A short way North of Greenville lies Ashville, North Carolina, a city recently ranked as offering some of the most desirable living conditions in the country. Then there's Portland, Maine, a spot known for its residents' sense of well-being. Any one of these cities would make a fine place to set up camp in the long-term, or at least until your visa expires. 


When you start in New York City, it can seem as though anywhere else must be dull or boring by comparison, but there are so many unique destinations waiting to surprise you. With some preparation and a little luck, the East coast could become one of your most memorable holiday experiences to date.