General Travel Tips and Resources In Rome

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Sep 28, 2017
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From visiting the world’s smallest inhabited island to touring the world’s smallest country,Rome is ready to be explored day and night.General travel tips and resources in Rome:

Rome travel guide

Grab a Drink at Trastevere

In the mood to visit Rome’s bohemian hipster side?Cross the river to Rome’s Trastevere neighborhood,a colorful home to tiny,winding cobblestone streets filled with some of the most interesting shops,galleries,and pubs simply waiting to be explored.The streets are home to some of Rome’s best bars,and it’s a great place to linger with the locals and explore your Roman side.

Eat Gelato

So,there are obviously plenty of carbohydrates and other delicious dishes that are absolutely mandatory to eat while in Rome.It’s Italy;everywhere you look there are pizza margaritas,pasta fresca,and huge glasses of red wine.But the one thing you need to try above all else is fresh gelato;the best to be found is made in small batches,so wander the streets in search of the little ma and pop places,and stay clear of the large mass produced gelato restaurants.

Look for muted colors;too much color means they’ve added artificial colors and flavors that interfere with a true gelatos flavor and texture.Feel free to ask Romans for their favorite gelato places;you’ll be sure to get plenty of answers,and plenty of excuses to try out them all in search for your own favorite.