Fun Things&Activities in London,Random London Highlights

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London,the capital of England and the United Kingdom,was founded 2000 years ago by the Romans as Londinium.The city has been Western Europe's largest city for centuries:as early as in 1700 more than 575,000 people lived in London.Fun things&activities in London recommended for you,random London highlights listed:

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London Eye

London Eye,The observation wheel turns slow enough for people to embark while it is moving.A complete turn takes about thirty minutes.Thanks to the construction of the glass capsules on the outer side of the rim,the passengers have a great 360 degree view over London.

Many famous landmarks are clearly visible,including Buckingham Palace,St.Paul's Cathedral and the Houses of Parliament.On a clear day you can see as far as forty kilometers(25 miles).Make sure you get your tickets in advance,lines can be very long,both the lines for embarking and for ticket purchases.It's less crowded at night when the views are even more spectacular.

Tower of London

The Tower of London was significantly expanded in the thirteenth century,during the reign of Henry III,when two defensive walls were built around the White Tower.The inner wall had thirteen towers and the outer wall another six.The towers were mostly used to imprison political opponents.

Some of the most famous prisoners locked in the Tower were two princes,the sons of king Edward IV.After Edward's dead in 1483 the children were locked in the Bloody Tower by their uncle,who would later ascend the throne as king Richard III.The princes were never seen again and were probably killed by guards.

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The St.Thomas Tower is located close to the Bloody Tower.Here,prisoners were brought into the fortress by boat through the Traitor's gate.

Important prisoners were often locked in the Beauchamp Tower,sometimes with their servants.An inscription on the wall of the tower is believed to refer to Lady Jane Grey,who,nine days after she was crowned Queen,was executed on Tower Green,an open terrain in the Tower of London.

Today the Tower of London is best known for its Crown Jewels,but it used to be notorious for the many political opponents of the kings that were locked,tortured and killed in the Tower.The Tower was also a royal residence:several kings lived here,especially during turbulent times when the donjon seemed a lot safer than the palace in Westminster.

White Tower

The oldest part of the fortress is the so-called White Tower,which was completed in 1097.This keep was long the tallest building in London at 27.4 meters(90ft).Its walls are 4.6 meter wide.

The tower was whitewashed during the reign of Henry III,which gave the tower's facade its white appearance.Ever since the tower has been known as White Tower.The building has four domed turrets at each corner.Three of them have a square shape,the other is round,due to its spiral staircase.The round turret was long used as an observatory.