From Sin City to Heaven on Earth: Las Vegas to Grand Canyon

  1. By Globerouter
  2. On Jul 26, 2019
  3. North America
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The United States is filled with historic locations and experiences, although not all are as unique and bucket list-worthy as the stretch between Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. There’s much more to these natural and man-made wonders than meets the eye, and you can bet that when the journey’s over, you’ll have more than a couple of casino chips to show for it. 


Take a Gamble on the World's Most Famous Strip 

The Grand Canyon-to-Las Vegas drive time is nothing to be sniffed at, with roughly four hours and thirty minutes (or 253.2 miles) in between, but there's no better way to contrast the wonder of nature with the highs and lows of humanity. The Las Vegas Strip is a tourist hub for a reason, offering up all of the city's best casinos and entertainment hotspots along a single street, and even if you’re not a gambler at heart, you’ll find the energy in these venues quite infectious. You might decide that a day tour allows more than enough time to take in the glitz and glamour of the city, but if not, you can always book a room in one of the hotels on the strip and extend your stay. 


Get to know the area 

If the distance from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon territory seems too far on your first day, spend some time hanging around the area. You’ll find a few unique experiences waiting in Henderson, just eight miles out from Las Vegas, including a cactus garden, a nature preserve, and a water park. This spot is perfect for respite from the clinking of the slot machines, proof that you need not go far to see a different side to Nevada. 


Explore Antelope Canyon, BYO Tour Guide 

Once you've made the journey from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, don't waste an opportunity to visit the landmark's lesser-known sibling. Antelope Canyon is an attraction in its own right, and worth the four and a half hour journey required to get there, but be aware that it’s not a journey you can make alone. If you plan to explore the insides of the canyon, you’ll need to be accompanied by a qualified tour guide as a safety measure. Also keep in mind that, given the travel time required, this trip will likely take up the better part of a day, so resist the urge to make early dinner reservations. 



Don't Overlook Hoover Dam

The 30-mile journey from Las Vegas to Hoover Dam will take up the better part of an hour, a relatively short time for any history buff worth their weight in concrete. Hoover Dam is a famed relic of the Great Depression and the leadership of President Franklin Roosevelt, and also the most visited dam in the world, attracting about seven million tourists each year. It may not seem as thrilling as the view of the Grand Canyon or the lights of Las Vegas, but it has been crucial to history and progress in the area, preventing flooding from the Colorado River and encouraging amicable progress between towns. 


See the Grand Canyon in All Its Glory 

The distance from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon will suddenly seem worthwhile when you’re standing at the edge of the cliff. As the canyon is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the US, you’ll find plenty of tour options and activities available when you visit, and the best Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas will depend on how much hands-on action you want to get out of your trip. You can follow one of many hiking trails, bring your bike, or book a tour on a helicopter or boat - fjdksl