Free Things To Do In London

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Sep 6, 2017
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Whether you’ve lived here all your life or you’ve just arrived at Heathrow(if so,check out our best hotels list),we're all completely spoilt for brilliant things to do in London.From picture-postcard attractions to hotspots in odd spots,by day and by night,from high art to wildlife,there are,in fact,so many more than 101 things to do in London.But we think this list(hotly debated within the Time Out office on a regular basis)is a good place to start.

Things To Do In London

Enjoy tea and theatre gossip at the National Theatre

Seeing a play isn’t the only reason to visit Denys Lasdun's 1970s concrete edifice.Behind-the-scenes life there is like a permanent piece of site-specific theatre,which you can explore on daily tours with guides who have a seemingly endless supply of fascinating anecdotes about the building and its history.Book a table for afternoon tea afterwards at House,the National's newest restaurant.The menu is wittily themed to reflect past productions and the moreish pork pie–a nod to the National's production of'Sweeney Todd'–is not to be missed.

See theatre Elizabethan style with a groundling ticket to the Globe

Whether it was to bring the audience closer to the action or just because they hadn’t invented chairs yet,back in Shakespeare’s day theatregoers would spend performances on their feet.At the Globe theatre on the South Bank the tradition continues,with 700 standing tickets released for each performance.Not only do these tickets cost a very affordable£5,they also offer the best view of the show–assuming you’re not incredibly short,that is.

Things To Do In London

Visit the Whispering Gallery in St Paul’s Cathedral

Both inside and out,Sir Christopher Wren’s baroque beast is a marvel to look at,but it also sounds pretty awesome,too.Up in the Whispering Gallery(the indoor balcony at the base of the dome),the acoustics of the cathedral’s architecture create a bizarre aural phenomenon:stand on the exact opposite side of the dome as a friend,whisper something(‘I’m watching you’works rather nicely)and they’ll hear you loud and clear,despite being over 100 feet away.Spooky.