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Autumn is in full swing during November,and London has tons to offer throughout the month.The main event is Bonfire Night and the many glorious firework displays taking place across the city,but once that's over–there's much more.Free events in London,London City Guide:

London City Guide

Christmas lights start illuminating the capital,ice rinks start appearing and winter pop-ups begin popping-up everywhere,serving mercifully warming booze and mulled wine.

Bonfire Night firework displays in London

As the autumn evenings grow crisp and cool,November in London begins with an abundance of Bonfire Night fireworks to warm us all up(Sunday November 5 2017).Wrap up snug,head to one of the capital's many firework displays,and enjoy a show of spectacular colours over London's top attractions and beyond.When is Bonfire Night?Remember,remember the fifth of November(the main firework action takes places on Sunday November 5 2017,but events will run before and afterwards).

London City Guide

Check our listings below for more details,and if you can't make them,you can see more firework action later in November at the Lord Mayor's Show and Fireworks.What is Bonfire Night?Bonfire Night a.k.a.Fireworks Night,a.k.a Guy Fawkes Night,traditionally marks the anniversary of the end of the plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605.

Where is Bonfire Night?Firework displays take place across the whole of London.Select your local area below,or venture further afield,and pick a fireworks party that's sure to end with a bang.Check back nearer the time for all the best Bonfire Night firework displays in London.


Easily the biggest hit theatre show of our age–and the winner of 11 gongs at the 2016 Tonys–Lin-Manuel Miranda’s‘Hamilton’is an exuberant,multi-racial hip hop account of the life and times of American founding father Alexander Hamilton.

Cézanne Portraits

He's never captured public imagination quite like his contemporaries Gauguin and van Gogh–but Paul Cézanne(1839-1906)was the real daddy of post-impressionism.His innovative way of modelling form with colour and geometric shapes lay out the path for cubism,fauvism and all of the modern art that was to follow.He's best known for his landscapes of the Provençal countryside,but this show brings together his portraits,including paintings of his wife,uncle and himself.