Frankfurt Germany Trip, How to Get to Frankfurt

  1. By kevin
  2. On Mar 30, 2018
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How to get to Frankfurt to have a Frankfurt Germany trip? Join us to discover the historic German cities of Bonn, Cologne, Trier, Koblenz and Frankfurt. Explore the bustling streets and canals of Amsterdam, the beauty of Brussels, and France's Champagne region of Reims, Versailles and Paris - the incredible “City of Light.”

How to Get to Frankfurt?


International flights land at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) which is six miles from the city center. Take line 8 or 9 of the S-Bahn trains from the airport station to the downtown Hauptbahnhof station. Trains depart at 15-minute intervals and a ticket costs EUR4.25. Taxis can be found outside the terminal buildings and the fare is EUR35. If you're renting a car, follow the signs for Stadtmitte (downtown) on the A5 autobahn.


The city's Hauptbahnhof, or rail station, is one of Europe's busiest and it's noted for its elegant architecture. High-speed IC and ICE trains travel from all over Europe each day. It's easy to reach the city center using the S-Bahn train system, and trains depart from platforms 101 to 104.


It's a pleasure to drive to and in Frankfurt, as roads are well lit and maintained. The A5 connects drivers easily to the rest of the German autobahn system.


Operators such as Eurolines and Flixbus run regular bus services to Frankfurt from many European cities. You'll arrive at the terminus on the south side of the Hauptbahnhof and from there you can take a taxi, bus, or U-Bahn train to your final destination in the city.