France Travel Tips Best Time to Go To France

  1. By John
  2. On Oct 25, 2018
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From the bustling streets of Paris with its sprawling streets and stunning views from the Eiffel tower to luxury retreats on the Cote d’Azur or the French Alps, there is so much to see and explore. We collected the useful France travel tips for you herre.

Best Time to Go To France

While you can visit France all year round, it’s worth knowing what to expect in each season, especially if you need a particular climate for your travels or if you’re planning on hitting all the top tourist attractions but want to avoid the crowds.

April to May and September to October (Spring and Autumn)

Typically, the weather is similar to other parts of Europe and it can be broken down into tourist seasons:

Low Season (Oct-Mar) – The weather is a mixture of very cold in the winter to it warming up for the Spring. Although attractions and restaurants may be open fewer days and shorter hours, prices can be 50% lower than the peak season. Bear in mind that hotels and restaurants in smaller rural regions may be closed in this season.

Mid Seasons (Apr-Jun & Sep) – With warmer weather, the shoulder months are great for exploring the main cities and avoiding the crowds whilst also getting cheaper accommodation.

High Season (Jul & Aug) – As the weather is all sun in July and August, tourists flock here in this season, especially at weekends and over the holidays. Just remember to also pack something just in case it rains. It is Europe after all!