France Tour Package Something Need to Know Before your France Trip

  1. By John
  2. On Oct 31, 2018
  3. Europe
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Visit France in January and you’ll find half the country celebrating the ski season in the glorious, snow-covered mountainous Alps and the other half it seems, enjoying the semi-annual sales. And something need to know before your France trip as below.

something need to know before your France trip

Do learn some basic French words and phrases

Whether you’re off to France for the weekend, for a week or for a month-long rendez-vous, you should never forget to pack with you some basic French words and phrases. Remember that you’re in a foreign land and while many French people speak English, you’ll never know when the phrases will come in handy.

Do know when to greet with a kiss or with a handshake

When in France, you should know about how the French people say hello. In Paris, it’s expected for friends to greet each other with a kiss while strangers shake hands. They also kiss when saying goodbye and it’s not just any kiss either. It’s usually a double kiss on both cheeks.

When visiting small villages, expect to see complete strangers greet each other “Bonjour!” on the streets but never in Paris or in big cities. In fact, if you try to greet French people on the streets of Paris or Lyon, you’ll rarely, if not never, get any response in return. No matter how friendly you come off, the French are not the type to get comfortable with strangers.

Do take time to dress up

Because you’re going to France where Paris is the fashion capital of the world, you need to turn up your fashion sense a notch higher. Never wear sweatpants or short shorts when strolling through the streets of Paris. More importantly, never wear aforementioned clothes when dining in restaurants.

Rarely will you see people in France in their gym clothes or jeans, shirts and flip flops. French people don’t go overboard but they do love stylish and sensible clothes and shoes. They love the colors black, navy and grey, and they don’t go big with accessories or make-up.