Flights to Grand Canyon&travel guide

  1. By kevin
  2. On Jul 25, 2018
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Come visit the Grand Canyon Skywalk and experience Grand Canyon West.It’s one of the newest attractions at Grand Canyon…and it’s close to Las Vegas.Enjoy your holiday there by our tips as flights to Grand Canyon and travel guide.

From Phoenix–1 hour flight/tours from 3–11 hours

Westwind Air Service departs from Deer Valley Airport in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area and offers a variety of tours of the Grand Canyon Airport.The tours range from easy sightseeing to more extensive hiking or rafting.If you are interested in just transportation“flight only”without a tour portion,you can charter their aircraft but charters can be expensive.

From Las Vegas–1 hour 10 minute flight/tours from 8 hours

Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines departs from Boulder City Airport in the Boulder City,NV,30 minutes from downtown Las Vegas.Grand Canyon Scenic Airlines is the only airline to offer flights to Grand Canyon Airport without having to charter an entire aircraft.Grand Canyon Airlines also offers a variety tours to the Canyon as well.

Flights to Grand Canyon&travel guide

Maverick Airlines departs from Henderson Executive Airport,30 minutes from Las Vegas.Maverick Airlines offers tours to the South Rim but does not offer flights-only,except by chartering the aircraft.

From Page,AZ–30 minutes flight/30 minute tour

Westwind Air Service provides a sightseeing tour only from Page but you can charter an aircraft.

From Monument Valley,UT–1 hour flight/2 hour tour

Westwind Air Service provides sightseeing tours only from Monument Valley,UT but you can charter an aircraft.