Favourite tickets&Biggest Showes In Berlin,Berlin Sightseeing

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 1, 2017
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Discover the greatest places to visit from other visitors!Here,you can find tickets for the sights and attractions our Berlin visitors love!Our travel service offers the ideal way to enjoy a stress-free holiday in Berlin,making it easy to buy tickets online for sightseeing tours,museums and exhibitions,attractions,sights and shows.And it’s fast–so you can find the right ticket in just three minutes!To take a Berlin sightseeing and enjoy the biggest showes in Berlin.

Berlin Sightseeing

THE ONE Grand Show

Costumes:Jean Paul Gaultier

Show entertainment with these unique dimensions cannot be found anywhere else in Europe but at the Friedrichstadt-Palast.Jean Paul Gaultier designed the over 500 daring and extravagant costumes.THE ONE Grand Show is a dreamlike journey through time in search of the person that means everything to us-THE ONE.

The New York Times recommends the Palast as“must-see”during every visit to Berlin.Lonely Planet raves about„Glamouràla Las Vegas“and the„stunning special effects“.For the influential British i-D magazine the Grand Show is"sparkling,glamorous and eccentric".On the major review portals,up to 96 per cent of guests recommend our show.

Berlin Sightseeing

Stars in Concert Berlin

"Stars in Concert",the"vision of a perfect deception",is a homage to the world’s legendary stars of yesterday and today.To the accompaniment of a top-class band and sensational dancers,the artists recreate the stars with astonishing authenticity.With a program that changes several times throughout the year,the show presents a changing cast of six stars such as Madonna,Cher,Joe Cocker,Freddie Mercury,Amy Winehouse,Robbie Williams,Tina Turner,Louis Armstrong,Elton John and many more.

As Christmas approaches,“Stars in Concert”also embraces the traditional festive spirit.The popular Christmas special is once again on the programme from 29 November through Boxing Day,26 December.The audience can look forward to the most beautiful American Christmas songs such as“Rockin’Around the Christmas Tree”,“We Wish You A Merry Christmas”,and“White Christmas”.A visit to the“Stars in Concert”Christmas Special is the perfect idea for Christmas celebration with friends,family,or colleagues!In combination with a package offer,an unforgettable festive gathering is guaranteed!