Family vacation in Prague,Family Friendly Restaurants in Prague

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Dec 21, 2017
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How to find the right family friendly restaurants in Prague must be an important thing for those who travel there without take a tour.Just with us to schedule your family vacation in Prague.Today,thanks to a massive influx of tourist dollars as well as rising incomes of ordinary Czechs,Prague now supports many very good restaurants,with traditional Czech places supplemented by French,Italian,Japanese,Chinese,and Indian restaurants.

Family vacation in Prague

The past couple of years have also even seen the country's first Michelin star awarded to Allegro,the house restaurant of the Four Seasons Hotel.

But that doesn't mean every place is good.For every decent restaurant that has opened its doors in the past couple of years,it seems at least two inferior restaurants--tourist traps aimed squarely at fooling unwitting visitors--have popped up.More than ever,it pays to be careful.Avoid places in the heavily touristy areas of town around Old Town Square and Karlova street.

These are pallid imitations of real Czech restaurants that are meant to empty your wallet,not satisfy your palate.Many of the best places are located outside of the center,so be prepared to hit the metro or grab a taxi if serious food is on the agenda.