Family Vacation Ideas In Yellowstone National Park

  1. By Kevin
  2. On May 11, 2017
  3. North America
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When planning family vacation to Yellowstone National Park, remember a few key points: they have short attention spans, get tired quickly and need simple engaging activities such as pouring water or transferring beans. It will take a lot of effort to keep them happy on a long airplane trip, although with careful planning it can be done. They will probably want to sleep with you in an unfamiliar hotel room and may not like resort food all that much. On the other hand, having many new things to see and do will be exciting, as long as they are not tired or hungry. If you only have time for a long weekend getaway, pick a quick getaway that won’t require a lot of time to get to or having to deal with jet lag. If you have time for a longer vacation, consider destinations with nice beaches where your toddler will be able to run around, splash water and have a lot of fun.

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The Colorful Palette Spring

Palette Spring is created by flowing water and heat-loving bacteria which grow on the surface of the hill. Hot spring water often changes course underground, forming new channels, while others get blocked by mineral accumulation. Earthquakes open new cracks in the system. Mammoth Hot Springs is constantly evolving. It is located in the northern portion, towards the bottom of Lower Terraces.

Black Pool Is Bright Blue in Color

Black Pool at the West Thumb Geyser Basin is one of the most beautiful pools in Yellowstone National Park. It is bright blue in color with steam rising from its hot surface. It got its name when it was actually black. Until 1991 water temperature in this pool was lower so that it was inhabited by dark green and brown thermophiles, which gave the pool black appearance. Water temperature rose in 1991, followed by several eruptions, which made it too hot for thermophiles. Today, the feature is quiet and a popular attraction. The Abyss Pool is 53 feet deep and is one of the deepest hot springs in the park. It was named in 1935 by Chief Park Naturalist C.M. Bauer. It has sloping walls that vary in color from turquoise blue to green and brown. The attraction has gone through two active periods. It erupted in 1987 and several times in 1991/1992. Since that time, it has been quiet.

Yellowstone National Park Tours

Liberty Cap

Liberty Cap is a 37-foot hot spring cone situated in the northern portion of Mammoth Hot Springs, at the bottom of Lower Terraces. It was created by a hot spring which remained in one location for a long time, depositing minerals to build the cone. Today the cone is no longer active. The geothermal feature was thought to resemble caps worn during the French Revolution and that is how it got its name in 1871. You can park nearby and look up to see beautiful terraces above it.