Exploring Lisbon with Kids,Lisbon for a First European Experience

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Dec 7, 2017
  3. Europe
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Lisbon is the perfect first introduction to Europe for American children.Exploring Lisbon with kids,Lisbon for a first European experience shared with you.Lisbon is an easy six-hour flight from the East Coast of the United States,which is just long enough to get some good rest on a red-eye flight,but not so long that kids will tire of watching movies mid-way through a day time flight.Also,the language barrier in Lisbon is minimal for Americans;most everyone we spoke to as tourists had good conversational English skills.

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Lisbon certainly feels historic and European.Yet,it is one of Europe’s easiest capital cities to explore because the historic part of town is relatively compact and walkable;Lisbon is not overwhelmingly large.That also means that it is easy to escape the city for a day trip to the beach or the mountains in only 30-45 minutes.This variety and ability to get a quick change of scenery makes the area so much more fun to explore with kids;one day can be spent appreciating the architecture at the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos in Belém and the next day can be spent at the beach in Cascais.It is easy to avoid the monotony of visiting museum after museum in the city center.

While in Portugal I watched my daughter exploring the National Palace in Sintra and the Museo do Azulejo in total wonder of their intricate wood carvings and colorfully painted ceilings.She was so impressed by everything that she was seeing,and I’m sure that our quick visit made an impact that will last a lifetime.