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  1. By Kevin
  2. On Sep 26, 2017
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Families visit Maui for its pristine beaches,but Grand Wailea Resort Hotel&Spa is an attraction itself.Resort amenities include an activity pool with waterslides and waterfall and snorkel lessons with green sea turtles.Children can also visit Rome,to take a short vacation in Rome for city sightseeing,or just travel around Rome would be a good experience.

Rome City Sightseeing

Ascend Gianicolo for Panoramic Views

Rome was built on seven hills,and while Gianicolo(or Janiculum)isn’t technically one of them,it is the highest vantage point from which to see the city.Roman lovers gather here at dusk(it’s an infamous makeout spot),and street vendors may try to sell you glowing tchotchkes.But ignore all that and focus on the panoramic vistas.From up here,you can see all the most important monuments:the Spanish Steps,Palazzo Venezia,and beyond.The long and winding road can be quite a hike to the top,so it’s better to go by car or Vespa if you can.

Sample Fried Artichokes in the Jewish Ghetto

The Jewish Ghetto,full of distinct charms,forms a small area between Campo de'Fiori and Piazza Venezia.From the Renaissance until the nineteenth century,its gates were locked after sunset.Today it still feels distinct from other neighborhoods because of its concentration of Jewish restaurants,shops,and bakeries.Ristorante Piperno is one of the oldest and best places to get carciofi alla giudia(Jewish artichokes),which are fried whole and absolutely delicious.Also try the fiori di zucca(fried stuffed zucchini flowers).