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  2. On Dec 19, 2017
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Following our Prague travel guides to explore Prague city.Most of Prague's main attractions are grouped in the city's core neighborhoods of StaréMesto,MaláStrana,Hradcany,and NovéMesto and are within comfortable walking distance of each other.For those that aren't,there are trams and the metro,which can usually get you to within a 5-to 10-minute walk from where you want to go.

Prague travel guides

Once you are done drinking in the atmosphere,you are never far from a pub or club for drinking of another sort.Beer lovers will feel especially honored.Czech beer is arguably the best--and cheapest--in the world and no one will look askance if you pair a beer or two with a fine dinner,or indeed have one for breakfast.

The Art of Getting Lost

You won't stray too far,since"tourist Prague"encompasses a relatively small area.And you know the landmarks:the castle,the bridge,the river,Old Town Square.So leave the map behind.

My favorite times to get lost in Prague are early morning and late at night.One foggy morning,I woke up early,grabbed a coffee in the breakfast room of my Communist-era hotel,and headed out.I'm not sure which direction I went--left,I think.I strolled several blocks into unfamiliar territory.I found a wonderful bookshop where I picked up a Czech version of Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are.Then I ducked into an old camera shop in search of film.The shop carried not only the latest German and Japanese cameras but also fascinating,old eastern European cameras that looked to my American eyes like some discarded cosmonaut space garbage.Next,I discovered a little hut of a church that was dark and wonderful;two old Czech women dusted while I looked around.I'd love to tell you where these memorable places were,but you see,I was lost.