Explore Berlins Districts, Going local in the Berlin City

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 3, 2017
  3. Europe
  4. Travel Tips

Besides the top tourist attractions, Berlin offers a wide range of other interesting sights to see. Visit, for example, the popular food markets in the Berlin market halls. Or the palaces in Berlin – Charlottenburg Palace is particularly splendid. Explore Berlins districts with us, and to going local in the Berlin city. Some places worth you visit.


BiOriental Market

Some might be tempted to call certain areas of Neukölln/Kreuzberg “Little Istanbul” because of its significant area of turkish population. One certainly can't help thinking of being in an authentic bazaar, walking across this fascinating, always packed street market - though it has the typical Berlin touch.

Vegetables, clothes, spices, street musicians, antique stuff - whatever you name, you'll find it here on the waterside of beautiful Landwehrkanal. The name BiOriental refers to the many turkish and arab stalls as well as to the many offers of organic food.

Reichstag Dome

Walking up the shiny dome of the German parliament is one of the best opportunities to enjoy a free panoramic view of central Berlin. On top of Germany's centre of political power you have great looks of e.g. Brandenburg Gate, Potsdamer Platz and the Holocaust Memorial.

It's not only about the view from above. The construction of the dome was a masterpiece done by star architect Norman Foster. The 360 mirrors integrated in the dome reflect the light and illuminate the parliamentary chamber below. If you choose the right time for your visit you can watch their meetings from above.