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  1. By Kevin
  2. On Oct 31, 2017
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Why take two or three different tours when you can hear the whole story in one?See the best of what Berlin has to offer in six hours and learn how the city has evolved to become the vibrant metropolis that it is today!Berlin tours guides by website help you exploring Berlin like a local guide.

Berlin Tours Guides

Thai Park:The Thai food flash mob

Every day,with the peak happening on Sundays,Thai families gather in Preußenpark.They’ve been gathering for years,enjoying the sun and home-cooked Thai food.They are still doing that today,just with the very important improvement that you can enjoy their food too,since they offer it to buy with prices all below 10 Euros.

A Mecca of alternative art

This beautiful building next to a popular park is one of the epicentres of the alternative art scene in Berlin.Once a hospital,now it accommodates galleries and studios for artist groups.There are rotating exhibitions by internationally acclaimed artists,many of which are free.