Exhibition space&culture centre in Rome,Rome Day Trip

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Oct 13, 2017
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Exhibition space&culture centre,which is situated in a recently renovated historic building,right for a Rome day trip spot,the beautiful Palazzo delle Espozizioni is known amongst locals for hosting some of the best exhibitions in town.Sometimes they also have cinema evenings where you can watch cult films that aren’t screened anywhere else.

Rome Day Trip

Why you should visit it

Palazzo delle Esposizioni is a huge neoclassical building with a big and inviting staircase on via Nazionale.The exhibitions change frequently and cover everything from photography and art to history,film and literature.Check the programme to see what’s on!

Art Museums Around the Exhibition space&culture centre for day trip

A courtyard&museum

Chiostro del Bramante is a peaceful oasis located just two steps away from the famous Piazza Navona.Locals come here for art exhibitions,to wander through the ancient columns,to have a break at the caféor to visit the bookshop.

Rome Day Trip

Art Nouveau&nature

Villa Torlonia is an elegant and quiet park with refined paths,palms,aviaries and beautiful Art Nouveau buildings.Step inside this recently renovated gem for a trip back to the 1920s.It’s a great place for peaceful walks,jogging and playing with children.

Legendary film studios

Cinecittàstands for the cinema greats of the past–Fellini first of all...It’s a big and poetic village where visitors can take dreamy walks along the paths and in the studios that formed the history of the“seventh art”.This is the place to experience the magic of cinema.