Europe tours from Rome, what you need to know

  1. By kevin
  2. On Apr 8, 2018
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What you need to know before your Europe vacation? You might think you know what to expect on that big trip to Western Europe: amazing sights, overpriced coffee, unhelpful French people and drunken backpackers. And on some occasions you'll be right. However, there's plenty that will surprise you on your first holiday in one of the world's great tourist destinations. Find the right Europe tours from Rome on the website to visit the spots there.

What you need to know?

Europe doesn't have to be expensive

While it's known as a pricey destination, you'll be surprised at how cheap some Western European cities can be, particularly in the south of Spain, Portugal, and Berlin. In places like Amsterdam, however, be prepared to spend.

The food is good. But it's not always good

Despite its reputation, Europe is not a wonderland of reliably delicious food. For every Michelin-starred fine-diner or amazing local bistro, there are 10 or 20 establishments serving pretty average cuisine. Do your research, however, and you'll be one very happy customer.

Europe tours from Rome

The coffee is bad. But it's not always bad

If you're used to Australian-style flat whites, you're going to be disappointed in France, or in Germany, or in Switzerland, or even in most of Spain. The coffee just isn't good. Italy is your saviour. Italian coffee rocks.

Wine is ridiculously cheap. So is cheese

You don't have to pay 20 euros a bottle, or even 10. Head down to the supermarche and you'll be able to pick up a decent bottle of table wine for six or seven euros, plus some fresh bread and a block of the best cheese ever for the same price. Dinner is served.

You don't have to queue

While travellers to Europe often tell horror stories of two- or three-hour queues to get into the most famous attractions, there are ways around it. For Barcelona's La Sagrada Familia, for example, booking tickets online will allow you to skip the line entirely. At the Louvre in Paris, arriving at the "Port des Lions" entrance will also help you avoid the bulk of the crowds. Do your research.