Europe is so full of amazing places and experiences that you could travel for years and still feel like you've missed something essential. Book our Europe tour packages from Frankfurt on the site to begin you trip, or study the tips below for detailed information to planning the perfect trip to Europe!

Best places for multi-day Europe trip

Paris, France

While Paris may seem like an enormous city with endless sites and opportunities, it is indeed possible to experience its grandeur in a weekend. In order to hit all the sites important to you, our recommendation is to come prepared and route out your stops. Want to see Moulin Rouge, Champs Elysées, the Eiffel Tower, Musée D’Orsay, and Shakespeare and Company? Map it out! The metro is your friend.

Venice, Italy
Constructed on more than 100 islands in northern Italy, Venice is a dream destination for casual tourists and honeymooners alike. During your weekend in Venice, be sure to spend time in St. Mark’s Square, people watch in Piazza San Marco, wander along the canals, and be sure to treat yourself to a Gondola ride.

London, UK

Given London’s vast size and number of sites, in order to not burn yourself out we recommend choosing a neighborhood in London (or two) to focus on during your weekend trip. Whether your style is more Soho, Kensington, Greenwich, Camden, Shoreditch, Westminster, or any of dozens of others, pick out your must-sees and take in London at your own pace.

Cinque Terre, Italy

The villages that make up Cinque Terre are as picturesque as they come, and visiting this region makes an excellent weekend trip. However, while it is possible to fit all the villages into a weekend, if you are keen for a slower pace, pick your top two or three, and plan from there. Hiking, kayaking, noodle eating, and photography are all great Cinque Terre activities to enjoy.

Bergen, Norway

If you’re looking for both urban and natural beauty for your weekend getaway, then Bergen is the way to go. In Bergen, enjoy the fresh seafood from the Old Market Square, visit the Bergenhus Fortress, discover Bergen’s history by visiting a museum, and get out in nature and kayak through the fjords.