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Begin your London Europe vacations in this Summer, and you'll find the Europe tour from London with deals on the website. London, the city with beautiful religious sights like Westminster Abbey and St Pauls Cathedral, as well as darker, creepier historical attractions such as touring the streets of Whitechapel in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper.

Europe tour from London

What to do in London?

Big Ben: The Pride of London

Towering over the Thames River in the West End is famous Big Ben. This iconic clocktower is a symbol not only of London but all of England. The gothic, four-faced clock chimes a 13-ton bell from atop the British Parliament building. Big Ben can be appreciated from many vantage points, but the most impressive view afforded is while crossing the Westminster Bridge.

British Museum: World's Finest

One of the grandest museums in the world, The British Museum houses unparalleled collections of ancient art. With artifacts hailing from all the corners of the earth, the galleries piece together the history of human culture for upwards of 5-million visitors per year. The most popular attraction is the Rosetta Stone, the linguistic key to ancient Egypt.

Europe tour from London

Tower of London: A Bloody History

The Tower of London has served many purposes throughout the years, and it tells a grisly but fascinating history. Once a Royal residence, it was later repurposed as a treasury, an armory, and most famously, as a prison. Millions of visitors each year and enjoy the Crown Jewels, restored halls, and stories of ghosts haunting the grounds. And like Big Ben, this medieval complex is best viewed from across famous Tower Bridge.