Easy Day Trips in Prague,Prague city guides

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Dec 17, 2017
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Prague city guides take you into the Prague local life,and make you getting to know the city deeply,to guide you the easy day trips in Prague.If you want to get out of the city,take a day trip to one of the many locations that are easily accessible by train in a few hours.Castles,spas,and medieval towns are all potential day trips and will add another dimension to your trip to the capital.



Czech Beer and Spirits

Czech beer,including but not limited to pilsner,can be enjoyed for less than a bottle of water in Prague.Other spirits,like absinthe and plum brandy,are also on menus in Prague-try them all to determine which is your favorite.

Czech Art,Literature,and Culture SEE TRIPADVISOR RATING

Prague is home to many world famous artists,authors,and poets,and museums throughout the city are dedicated to these individuals.The Mucha Museum and the Kafka Museum are both popular Prague attractions During Prague's holidays and festivals,folk performers,and choral groups take to Prague's squares and give free performances.


Prague city guides


Cost of Travel

Though a ticket to Prague from the States might seem steep,the actual cost of your visit can be manageable.Though more expensive than other Eastern European destinations,Prague has plenty of free things to do,and many other attractions are still less expensive than they would be in Western European countries.