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Must-See Stops in California

Disney Parks

Before visiting the originals,experience five of the world's most iconic sites in the Disney Parks.Disney wanted to build a place for adults and children to share in cultural exploration,with a bit of imagination.

No matter where you travel or who you meet,you learn something new that changes your perspective in a positive way.Interactions with different cultures in iconic,far-flung places,or even with people of diverse backgrounds in your own city,ultimately teach you more about yourself and the world around you.For many Americans—like myself—our first introduction to foreign lands happens in Disney–“the Happiest Place on Earth"–which offers a fascinating cultural melting pot of people from across the globe.

Top 3 Most Visited National Parks:

The number of people who visit America's national parks is staggering—over 331 million visits were documented in 2017.Wonder which parks are the most popular?Here are the top 3.