East Coast USA trip,Canada Travel by bus

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Feb 22, 2018
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Planning your East Coast USA trip,Canada travel by bus now?Some places worth you visit during the East Coast bus trip then.Canadian Museum of Civilization features archeological,ethnological,folk culture and historical collections,which highlight Canada’s history and prehistory.Canadian War Museum is one of the three most famous museum of military history in the world.

Places worth you visit during the East Coast bus trip:

Yoho National Park

Named for a Cree expression of awe and wonder,Yoho lies on the western slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.Vertical rock walls,waterfalls,and dizzying peaks draw visitors from all over the world.With exceptional hiking and sightseeing,the park offers a unique glimpse of Canada’s natural wonders,from the secrets of ancient ocean life to the power of ice and water.

Yoho National Park:Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake is located in Yoho National Park,British Columbia,Canada.It is the largest of Yoho's 61 lakes and ponds,as well as one of the park's premier tourist attractions.Emerald Lake Lodge,a high-end lodge perched on the edge of the lake,provides local accommodation.A 5.2 km(3.2 mi)hiking trail circuits the lake,the first half of which is accessible to wheelchairs and strollers.During the summer months,canoe rentals are available;in the winter,the lake is a popular cross country skiing destination.

Yoho National Park:Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge is an impressive natural rock formation that spans the flow of the Kicking Horse River west of Field,where the slower-moving waters from the Field valley flats begin their descent through a canyon to be joined by the Amiskwi River.The Natural Bridge lookout presents visitors with the opportunity to view the formation from a variety of different vantage points,with interpretive displays explaining the physical processes at work.The bridge can easily be reached by car just 3km(1.9 miles)from Field on Emerald Lake Road.

Banff National Park:Johnston Canyon

Johnston Canyon(approx.60 mins)is one of the most popular day hikes in Banff National Park.It’s fairly easy,making it perfect for families and people of almost any fitness level and age.It’s accessible year round,including the winter when you can enjoy hiking to Johnston Canyon’s frozen waterfalls.

Banff National Park:Bow Falls

Bow Falls-Bow Falls is a major waterfall on the Bow River,Alberta just before the junction of it and the Spray River.The falls are located near the Banff Springs Hotel and golf course on the left-hand side of River Road.The falls are within walking distance of both Banff and the Banff Springs Hotel so they are visited by a large number of tourists despite their relatively small size.

Surprise Corner-This scenic viewpoint in Banff National Park,though unmarked,is locally known as the best place to get views of the famous Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel and the beautiful scenery that surrounds it.