East Coast Travel Guide, What You Can Expect

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Jun 12, 2017
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East Coast travel guide, What you can expect? guide to find different East Coast travle router. City sightseeing or natural spots, so many attraction may meet the dreams of different traveler.

East Coast travel guide

Grand Canyon

Oh it’s a detour, but if you make the five-hour sweeping loop from the canyon’s famed south rim – where Chevy Chase makes that famous gaze-nod-and-go stop in Vacation – to the north rim, you’ll have much more room to yourself and the just-as-gorgeous flipside view from what you see in all the photos. You can climb down a steep 4.7 miles to the Colorado Rivers at Roaring Springs, or opt for shorter day hikes. Some cabins at the Grand Canyon Lodge have unreal views, but you’ll need to book way ahead.

Los Angeles

If you’ve made it this far by road, it’s hard to take anything seriously. Don’t. Los Angeles’ loony side is what makes it so great. Eat stir-fried Taiwanese crickets at Typhoon at the Santa Monica airport, scope out body-bag fashions at the macabre Skeletons in the Closet above a morgue in East LA, cheer on roller derby at the LA Derby Dolls, and save a few hours for the hilarious, deadpan spoof of museums at the compact Museum of Jurassic Technology, one of the most baffling attractions in the country.

Los Angeles

New Mexico

The boys head south from Santa Fe and Albuquerque to Las Cruces – good idea, particularly if you stop for the world’s greatest green-chili burger at the Owl Bar & Café, 90 miles south of Albuquerque in San Antonio. Beef comes pancake flat, piled with cheese, pickles, tomato and that green chili. It is very, very good.


Rise early, grab some bagels at Highland Bakery in Atlanta’s Old Fourth, and head out of town for the best breakfast spot in the South. Take Ponce De Leon Ave (Hwy 78) 15 miles east to the world’s biggest chunk of exposed granite, aka Stone Mountain Park. The centerpiece of a 3200-acre park is the Confederate Memorial, a relief of Robert E Lee and the gang that dwarfs Mt Rushmore.