East Coast tours packages,Discover the Best of Washington&Texas in East Coast

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Enjoy the trip in East Coast.This iconic route is known for its mordern cities,mountains,forests and beaches,but there are plenty of man-made wonders hidden among the flora and fauna.Find the right East Coast tours packages on the website,to discover the best of Washington&Texas in East Coast.

Explore the Best of Washington DC:

As the capital of the United States,Washington,D.C.,offers travelers a bounty of world-class attractions and cultural diversity.Here are ten great ways to spend your time.

UNESCO SITE in Washington DC:

Located two and a half hours south of Washington,in Charlottesville,Virginia,Monticello and the University of Virginia’s Academical Village together are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Monticello was the plantation home of President Thomas Jefferson,and the Academical Village is part of the original construction of the University of Virginia.Jefferson designed both.

Annapolis,Maryland,is a direct 45-minute drive from Washington.The historic city is the capital of Maryland and home to the U.S.Naval Academy.Its downtown cobblestone streets are lined with quirky retail outlets and restaurants,ranging from“ye olde”to Caribbean,serving fresh seafood from the adjacent Chesapeake Bay.

East Coast tours packages,Discover the Best of Washington&Texas in East Coast

Explore the Best of Texas:

Amazing Murals in Texas

San Antonio’s walls may not talk but dozens do tell colorful stories.Across Alamo City,building facades,bridges,and other urban spaces double as canvases for crazy-talented street artists.Curate eye-popping Instagram Stories on a mural tour of Southtown.The hip artists’enclave boasts one of the city’s best outdoor mural galleries,particularly on the walls near the Blue Star Arts Complex and in the King William Cultural Arts District.

The Southtown mural pictured above(a vibrant visual celebration of San Antonio’s history)graces the walls of the Insco Distributing Building on the South Alamo Street Bridge.Another must-share mural is“Let’s Fiesta”by local street art masters Los Otros.Commissioned as part of the colossal 2018 Fiesta San Antonio celebration,the technicolor wall art can be spotted on the St.Mary’s Strip in Midtown.

Spend a Wonder-Filled Day at the Witte

The 10-acre Witte Museum campus gives credence to the adage:“Everything’s bigger in Texas.”A$100-million transformation completed in 2017 expanded and reshaped San Antonio’s oldest museum(opened in 1926)into an immersive,174,000-square-foot science,history,and cultural center.Enter the New Witte via a 28-foot glass cube,where you’ll be greeted by replica Quetzalcoatlus dinosaur.

In the 20,000-square-foot South Texas Heritage Center,learn about Mexican vaqueros(the original Texas cowboys)and snap a selfie sitting tall in a saddle.If visiting with kids,move with them through the award-winning H-E-B Body Adventure.The four-story exhibit is packed with hands-on health activity stations.Wonder how long it takes to work off a sugary soda?Start climbing on the exhibit’s step machine(the one with the giant drink cup attached)to find out.