East Coast packages,Memorial destinations&activities in East Coast

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Besides the great wonder as national parks,the cities sites and historical places,the East Coast full of the memorial destinations which will make your holiday memorable.Such as the peaks of the Teton Range,make one of the boldest geological statements in the Rockies,the park's jewel-like lakes,blue and white glaciers,and naked granite pinnacles enticed more than 3.3million visitors last year.To book the East Coast packages on the to enjoy the memorial destinations&activities in East Coast


Washington,D.C.,is crammed with memorials:Marble statues of historical VIPs rule over reflecting pools,dominate park squares,and rise up on rearing horses from traffic circles.But America’s 26th president pleasantly proves that some men really are islands—foliage-filled Theodore Roosevelt Island is a small sanctuary in the Potomac River that Frederick Law Olmsted,Jr.(whose famous father designed Central Park),transformed from overgrown farmland into a fitting national memorial to a leader who was known to drag government officials on nature hikes.

East Coast packages,Memorial destinations&activities in East Coast


Terrorists on United Airlines Flight 93 on September,11,2001,had planned to fly the jetliner into the U.S.Capitol or the White House,but the 33 passengers and seven crew on board fought back,forcing them to abort their mission and fly the plane into a field in Pennsylvania—the only flight hijacked that fateful day that failed to reach its target.The Flight 93 National Memorial commemorates the Shanksville crash site and honors the courage of those who gave their lives.


A cluster of thermal springs in Arkansas’s Ouachita Mountains,Hot Springs National Park was recognized by Congress 40 years before Yellowstone,making it the oldest federal reserve in the country—and today,the only truly urban national park.Soak up the sauna culture at the turn-of-the-century Fordyce Bathhouse,the first on Bathhouse Row to be restored,which chronicles the go-go years of the spa movement in the U.S.,when treatments like mercury applications(for syphilis)and electrotherapy made a splash.