What about to take a East Coast cities sightseeing vacation with your kids and lover, to visit top spots in Norwalk, Connecticut, Princeton, New Jersey? Here're some travel guides about East Coast tours may help you.

East Coast Cities Sightseeing

Norwalk, Connecticut

A quiet town in Fairfield County, Norwalk is the perfect place to escape the busy and sometimes stressful nature of big cities. On the top of the list of places to see is the eclectic neighborhood of SoNo, the South Norwalk Historic District, where the maritime nature of Norwalk can be enjoyed alongside trendy restaurants, stores, and other sightseeing attractions. One of these sightseeing attractions is the Maritime Aquarium, home to over 2,000 marine mammals and fish, a research vessel called the Oceanic, special exhibits and 3D simulation rides.

The Stepping Stones Museum for Children features hand-on and interactive exhibits designed to encourage children to learn, inquire, discover and explore, while the SoNo Switch Tower Museum showcases towers used by railroads and reveals the story of “Signal Station 44.” Take a trip back in time at the Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum, a second empire-style home built by LeGrand Lockwood in the 1860’s or visit one of the first restaurants in SoNo, Match. One excursion that should definitely not be missed is a trip to the Sheffield Island Lighthouse and Nature Trail where tourists can wander around the lighthouse and embark on a guided walk with the Norwalk Seaport Association’s Friends of the Norwalk Islands.

East Coast Cities Sightseeing

Princeton, New Jersey

One of the world’s most famous college towns, there’s a lot of spectacular places to see in Princeton, New Jersey, many of which are inside the university grounds alone. The Princeton University Art Museum is regarded as one of the best small museums in the world with an impressive collection of over 92,000 art pieces. Cleveland Tower and the Princeton University Church are must-see iconic architectural features of Princeton University, while Nassau Hall, the administrative center of the university, is a historic landmark which housed soldiers during the American Revolution. Marvel at the Princeton Battle Monument, a 50 foot sculpture of General George Washington leading troops into battle, or spend a relaxing afternoon by Lake Carnegie, the main training ground of the Princeton rowing team.

Other fantastic sights and attractions in Princeton include the Morven Museum and Garden, an 18th century house built in 1750 by one of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence, Richard Stockton. Spend an afternoon exploring the site of one of the fiercest battles in the history of the American Revolution at Princeton Battlefield State Park and view war exhibits at the nearby Clarke House for a taste of 18th century history. Head to the Delaware and Raritan State Park for an active day of canoeing, hiking, cycling, jogging and more, or catch one of over 200 performances at the McCarter Theatre Center for the Performing Arts, one of the most active cultural centers in America established in 1930.