Distance From Salt Lake City To Yellowstone Enjoy The Drive To Yellowstone

  1. By John
  2. On Sep 27, 2018
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Salt Lake City, the gateway to so much natural beauty in and around the state of Utah. If you love the outdoors and you are looking at the map of USA, throw a pin directly at Salt Lake City and book a flight there because you won't be disappointed. From the Mighty 5 National Parks that cover much of Utah to the breathtaking drive from Salt Lake City to Yellowstone that we are going to cover in this post, this city is the perfect spot for a getaway. And here we talk about the routers and distance from Salt Lake city to Yellowstone which may help you.



There are a number of alternative routes you can take from Salt Lake City to Yellowstone and depending on exactly what you want to see in between and how much time you have will determine the optimal route for you.


We contemplated a couple of different routes which we will share with you later, but ultimately the stunning landscapes on offer albeit on one of the slowest routes was the deciding factor. As you will see, I think we made the right decision!


If you have more time to experience each of the various towns and attractions along this route, we also have a few recommendations on the best places to stay in each location.


Salt Lake City to Capitol Reef National Park (217 miles) ¨C The closest Utah national park to Salt Lake City is Capitol Reef and in just 3 hours you could be exploring this park.


Salt Lake City to Arches National Park (229 miles) ¨C Located in Moab, Utah, Arches National Park is only a 3 1/2 hour drive from Utah¡’s capital city!


Salt Lake City to Canyonlands (241 miles) ¨C Located close to Arches, this is a little further drive than it¡’s nearby counterpart but offers equally stunning scenery.


Salt Lake City to Bryce Canyon National Park (268 miles) ¨C In just under 4 hours, you could be experiencing the hoodoos and amphitheaters that create the beauty that is Bryce Canyon.


Salt Lake City to Zion National Park (308 miles) ¨C The furthest distance, yet still only just over 4 hours away is Zion National Park which offers a perfect gateway in itself to Arizona¡¯s national park system.