Discover the Best Things to do in Barcelona for Families

  1. By lisa
  2. On Nov 25, 2018
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From seeing the world-famous art of Picasso and Gaudí to people watching on Las Ramblas to eating cheese galore at La Boqueria food stall market, this list of the best things to do will have you falling in love with Barcelona.

Discover the Best Things to do in Barcelona for Families


Look at Casa Mila

Better known as La Pedrera (“the quarry”) for its elaborate stonework, Casa Milà was the last civil project Gaudí completed before his death and represents the pinnacle of his career. The building, designed as a residence for Barcelona’s elite, was a radical departure from anything the city had ever seen, with its wavy interior patios, curved walls, and slanting columns. Perhaps the most striking element of the building is its rooftop, whose plunging stairways and lifelike chimneys evoke an otherworldly landscape.

Lounge on the Beach at La Barceloneta

Barcelona’s famed seaside district may not have the city’s prettiest beaches, but what it lacks in natural beauty, it makes up for in liveliness. Kites fly, vendors call, music hums, waves crash— La Barceloneta is all about the action. After lounging on the beach for a few hours, you’ll probably be peckish. For fine maritime dining, head to Restaurante Barceloneta, whose kitsch nautical décor gets you in the mood for some of the city’s most pristine Catalan seafood.


Appreciate the Architecture at Barcelona Pavilion

You don’t need a degree in architecture to appreciate the artistic genius of the Barcelona Pavilion, which, like Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, serves as one of the world’s most defining examples of modern architecture. Its clean lines, symmetrical marble slabs, and frameless doors lend a peaceful airiness to the building, designed by German architect Mies van der Rohe and presented at the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition. The edifice left such a lasting impression on Barcelona citizens that 24 years after the original structure was dismantled (at the close of the event), an exact replica was built in its place.