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With its breathtaking views, stunning sunsets and rich cultural history, Grand Canyon National Park must be seen to be appreciated. Just with us to discover the Grand Canyon National Park, with the Grand Canyon tours guide offered by, to enjoy a meaningful travel there. At 277 river miles long, up to 18 miles wide and over a mile deep, the Grand Canyon is sure to instill a sense of wonder in all who visit. However, the Grand Canyon is more than a destination. It's an all-ages experience, with lookouts at the canyon rim, tours, programs, museums, dining, shopping and more. Here, even a walk in the park will make memories that last a lifetime.

Grand Canyon Tours Guide


There's a reason so many visitors come to the Grand Canyon's South Rim. It not only offers some of the best, unobstructed views of the Grand Canyon, but also convenient lodging, dining and sightseeing. That's made it popular with families for generations. On the South Rim, you can stay close to nature without going far from the creature comforts you've come to expect. Best of all, it's open year-round.

the National Park Service re-dedicated the historic Yavapai Observation Station — originally called the Yavapai Point Trailside Museum — on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. New geology exhibits, consistent with the vision of the building’s designers to “make the out-of-doors intelligible,” were also unveiled.

Grand Canyon Tours Guide

The original structure, which was first dedicated in July 1928, was designed by architect Herbert C. Maier. The building was erected on a site selected by a team of geologists for the express purpose of observing and understanding Grand Canyon geology. Maier designed the Yavapai Point Trailside Museum to blend into its setting, and used indigenous Kaibab limestone and ponderosa pine in its construction.

The current museum exhibits explain the deposition of the rock layers, the uplift of the Colorado Plateau, and the carving of the Grand Canyon. Displays include beautifully crafted artwork, three-dimensional models, powerful photographs, and interpretive panels which allow park visitors to see and understand the complicated geologic story of the area.