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  1. By Kevin
  2. On Oct 31, 2017
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Berlin was founded here around the year 1200 and it is the closest the city has to an old town.Unfortunately it was completely destroyed in World War II and only rebuilt in 1987.Berlin travel guides bring you into the city deeply,or discover Berlin with Berlin sightseeing tours.

Berlin Travel Guides

Romantic railway ruins-Natur-Park Südgelände

Take a short walk from Südkreuz or Priesterweg S-Bahns and enter a parallel reality,where nature and sculpture have taken over an old railway siding.Crossing the bridge into the park feels like discovering a lost city deep in the forest,with only the rumble of a passing train to break the illusion.The 1e entry is excellent value.

On top of Germany

Located in former East Berlin,this is Germany’s tallest building with 368 metres.The TV tower is the icon that locals most associate with their city(more than Brandenburg Gate)because you can see it from almost everywhere in the city centre.Although they do not go up many times because it is quite expensive.

Berlin Travel Guides

Kreuzberg´s meeting place

The most favourite spot of Kreuzbergers in summer.It used to be an old freight train station and became in the 1980s the park the area had needed so desperately.Locals love its rough charms and use it e.g.for barbecue,sunbathing or watching freaky and normal people doing frisbee and cross-golf.In summer nights there´s sometimes fire artistry.

Groceries for the neighbourhood

Opened in 1891 as one of 14 market halls built to supply Berlin with fresh groceries,this architectural gem has survived the war and then almost fell victim to dumping-price shops.A citizens'organisation recently decided to take over and it's slowly becoming THE place to go for conscious and fresh shopping.