Different Modernista route to Barcelona, tours from Barcelona Spain

  1. By lisa
  2. On Nov 21, 2018
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From Gaudí to Messi, towering architecture to towers built of people, visiting the sea to gorging on its produce, Barcelona’s to-do list is as plentiful as its sunny days. So what really cuts it? Consider this your capsule edit of attractions: the definitive list of what to do in Barcelona for the time-smart traveler.

Best things to do in Barcelona


Try the best Catalan cuisine at spots like Dos Pebrots

What is it? Restaurants that specialise in the most traditional of Catalan gastronomy.

Why go? To try the local cuisine: ‘canalons’ at Casa Agustí, where they carefully guard the secret to their version of this iconic winter dish; ‘capipota’ with chickpeas at Can Vilaró, who cook up this tasty gelatinous marvel (their meatballs are also a revelation); and another cool-weather treat you’ve got to try is the ‘escudella’ hearty stew at Ca l’Estevet, where Mark Zuckerberg is among the latest of celebs spotted digging in to the local fare.

Don't miss: Head to Dos Pebrots to discover modern Catalan creations using ancient Mediterranean recipes, from Michelin-starred chef Albert Raurich.


Do a bit of a different Modernista route

What is it? A less-touristy way to discover Catalan modernism.

Why go? Whether you live in Barcelona or are visiting, you might think you’ve seen all the big modernista sights in town: the Sagrada Família, La Pedrera, Casa Batlló, Park Güell... but you might be surprised to know you ain’t seen nothing yet. The Institut de Paisatge Urbà has made a list of 2,200 buildings that are either 100% modernista or have modernista elements. If you haven’t got time to see them all, we can recommend Casa Vicens, Hotel Espanya, Casa Thomas and Casa Planells for starters.

Don’t miss: Casa Vicens only recently opened its doors to the public for the first time. It was the first big architectural assignment Antoni Gaudí ever received.