DC to Niagara Falls tours,Niagara Falls State Park Weather in Summer&Autumn

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Niagara Falls State Park is open 365 days a year,and it's always free to walk into the Park and experience the Falls!Book the DC to Niagara Falls tours on the website,to arrange the vacation by tips about Niagara Falls State Park Weather in Summer&Autumn.

About Niagara Falls:

Today,the park’s signature attraction,the majestic Niagara Falls,is the dramatic apex of the free-flowing waters of four of the Great Lakes into the Niagara River Gorge.But that wasn’t always the case.During the Industrial Revolution of the early 19th Century,the natural beauty of Niagara Falls began to suffer as earnest industrialists built mills and factories along the river to harness its power.

By the late 1860s,a small band of early environmentalists,including landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted,who were concerned over the river’s waning flow,founded the Free Niagara movement.The movement believed that the natural beauty of the land surrounding the Falls should be protected from commercial interests and exploitation,and remain free to the public.Members urged New York State to reclaim the Falls and the surrounding area.

DC to Niagara Falls tours,Niagara Falls State Park Weather in Summer&Autumn

Niagara Falls State Park Weather in Summer&Autumn:

With Niagara Falls'weather rising into the 80s/90s during the day and dipping down into the 60s at night,summer is often the best time to visit the park.Shorts and t-shirts are typical attire in the summer months,and it never hurts to pack a hat and some sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.Mist from the Falls can offer a soothing respite during summer’s long,hot days.

As the temperature begins to fall,the Park's trees turn to magnificent hues of red and gold,and Niagara's trails welcome hikers of every kind.During this stunningly beautiful season,the Niagara Falls State Park weather is comparable to the spring,but with slightly more precipitation.Peak fall foliage is generally three weeks later than the surrounding areas,in mid-to late-October,due to the warm waters flowing out of Lake Erie and the unique microclimate of the area.