day trips in Las Vegas, city sightseeing travel guide

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  2. On May 28, 2018
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Schedule your Las Vegas vacation by our city sightseeing travel guide, and you also can find the right day trips in Las Vegas on the website. There's a lot of tourism revenue in 41.1 million visitors. As a tourist, you can end up spending some serious coin on a trip to Vegas once you add up airfare, hotels, food, gambling, entertainment and shopping.

City sightseeing & activies:

Sharpen your skills at Axe Monkeys

Looking to embrace your inner Viking? Wish you were a lumberjack? Axe Monkeys is where both of these dreams can come true, at least for an hour or two. It’s a simple game plan in this novel attraction in the suburbs east of the Strip: throw hand axes at painted wooden bullseyes in one of 23 chain link-fenced lanes. An endorphin rush soon follows. Newbies are given expert instruction from trained staff on safety protocols and proper aiming form, including underhand. One you’re in the literal swing of things, there are a number of organized games like ‘Canadian Cricket,’ ‘Around the World,’ and ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’ to put your newfound axe hurling chops to competitive use.

day trips in Las Vegas, city sightseeing travel guide

Get aerial at Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Why get in a vacation workout at a hotel gym when you can burn carbs flying through the air? The ultimate bounce house, Sky Zone Trampoline Park is a cavernous building just south of the Strip that’s filled wall to wall with taught, springy surfaces. Fling yourself upward free-style. Bank off a wall. Bump up your slam dunk bragging rights in the basketball-focused SkySlam section. Feeling a bit of tension with your travel mates? Work it out with a vengeance in the Ultimate Dodgeball court; everybody emerges smiling. Top off the experience with a running leap into the Foam Zone pit filled with energy-absorbing squares.

Grab the Vegas gaming motherlode at Gold Spike

Once a rundown, dingy casino in Downtown, the Gold Spike upped its game a few years back, and it’s been one of the hippest scenes in Las Vegas ever since. Where one-armed bandits once gobbled coins, now stands the Living Room, a buzzing hive for daytime co-working followed by nocturnal revelry. Recline in designer furniture for whatever task is on your to-do list, or just play skee-ball and sink some pool balls. Outside in the open-air Backyard, it’s a cavalcade of activities: giant chess, beer pong, corn hole, soccer pool and more. Gatherings like roller derbies are frequent happenings. And don’t forget the hilarious water gun clown race.