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  2. On Mar 23, 2018
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Schedule your day tours in Paris in this Spring is a good choose for you and your family. We prepared the tips about things to do & activities in Paris for you here. Paris has a real sense of community with its local shops, markets, restaurants, and cafes. The Parisians are very friendly and proud of their city. Shopaholics love to visit Paris, and the city has many international stores like L'Eclaireur, Printemps, or the Galeries Lafayette.

What to do in Paris?

Eiffel Tower: The Iron Lady

The Eiffel Tower is a striking feat of engineering, known worldwide as the ultimate icon of France. Upon its completion for the 1889 World's Fair, it was the tallest person-made structure around, and it remains one of the most visited monuments on earth. Traveling up the wrought iron tower for mesmerizing views of Paris is an unforgettable experience!

day tours in Paris

Palace of Versailles: A Royal Eden

The Palace of Versailles and its spectacular gardens are one of France's most beloved attractions. The design of these grounds is the epitome of the pre-Revolutionary French Monarchy, and it is jaw-dropping to boot. Visitors are transported to the nation's royal past with a walk through the gardens, which match the splendor of the palace itself.

Louvre Museum: Mona Lisa's Regal Home

The Louvre is the world's largest and most comprehensive museum, and it exceeds all expectations. Home, of course, to the incomparable Mona Lisa, the museum houses tens of thousands of artworks in galleries once home to French kings. The courtyard of this ex-palace is a popular gathering point for visitors, especially around the large glass pyramid - a contemporary Parisian icon.