day tours from Las Vegas, Money Saving Travel Tips For Las Vegas

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  2. On May 28, 2018
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Follow our travelguide to experience the new ways to play in Las Vegas. No, gambling isn’t in danger of disappearing, but fewer and fewer travelers – from Gen Xers to Millennials – are letting their dollars ride on decks of cards, tumbling dice and randomly generated numbers. Book the day tours from Las Vegas on the with deals, and learn the money saving travel tips for Las Vegas as below:

Here are some money-saving tips to help stretch your Vegas budget a little further.

1) Use discount

You can find the right bus tours on the with great discount, it always offers deals on multi-day packages to Vegas. And the site let you search with flexible dates, which can be helpful if you want to try to find the lowest rate possible. The package deals often come with extra perks – free buffet tickets or food and beverage credits, for example – to help you save even more money.

2) Travel mid-week

day tours from Las Vegas, Money Saving Travel Tips For Las Vegas

You can save a lot of money on everything from hotels to concerts and shows if you can travel mid-week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). Hotels, for example, can cost two or three times as much (or even more) on the weekends than during the middle of the week for an identical room. You’ll also enjoy smaller crowds, faster check-ins, faster service and shorter lines for everything. Another way to save is coming during the summer when fewer visitors (and less demand) mean better prices for airfare, hotels and shows. It will be hot (maybe really hot!), but everything is air-conditioned so just plan on spending more time indoors.

3) Try the buffets

Many repeat Vegas goers swear by the city’s fixed-price buffets, which tend to be less expensive than sit-down restaurants. Buffets, which are a part of the Vegas culture, offer a huge selection of foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner, from steak and eggs to all-you-can-eat seafood. You can also eat for cheap at one of the hotel food courts, which offer affordable meals and snacks if you’re on a budget and don’t mind a quick burger or slice of pizza.

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