Climate&Weather in Paris,Best Time to Visit Paris

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Aug 17, 2017
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What about the climate&weather in Paris?When is the best time to visit Paris?It's always the best time to go to Paris,whether your calendar is tight and your choices are limited,there’s never a reason not to go,even it’s fashion week or it’s August or there’s a national holiday.Each month has its particular pros and cons,and the only two particular periods when planning really changes are Christmas/New Year’s and the month of August.Many shops and restaurants are closed in August,but on the other hand,the city has far less traffic,and although the Opéra de Paris is out of season,there are a multitude of smaller concerts and cultural events laid on for those who haven’t left on holiday.At the other end of the calendar,Christmas/New Year’s is one of the prettiest times in the city,which is already beautifully lit even before the seasonal lights go up,but it’s important to be aware of Christmas/New Year’s closing times,expensive set menus in restaurants on Dec 31,and the sheer difficulty of getting around the city that evening.What is the temperature at Easter?What is the air quality like in summer?Everything on the weather in Paris.

Best Time to Visit Paris


A melody of colours and atmospheres,a symphony of contrasting skies and light.Every season pays tribute to Paris and highlights its charms,be it the sun caressing its pale facades,or the rain reflecting the night’s gleam.To the sweet music of romance or a festive beat,compose your own score for your trip to the city,depending on the time of year and the whims of the weather.

Spring(21 March-21 June)

This is the season where Paris seems to reawaken,with its avenues fringed with new green shoots and its trees in flower.The days are getting longer,as are the opening times of museums,and the high season is just around the corner.There’s a holiday feeling in the air and the sweet smell of candy floss pervades the pathways of the Foire du Trône funfair.People venture out and about in the parks and gardens and along the river banks,strolling,cycling or skating.

Average temperatures and rainfall:Minimum Maximum Rain in mm

March 4°C 12°C 35

April 6°C 16°C 42

May 10°C 20°C 57

Summer(21 June-21 September)

When the summer season is at its height,rest and relaxation and'joie de vivre'bask in the sun,on the caféterraces,in the parks and on the'beaches'by the Seine.Picnics abound and gourmets melt for the best ice cream in Paris.On the Champs-Elysées,the 14 July parades and the cyclists triumph.Cinema and music celebrate:free films and concerts thrill the capital,which takes on its summer scenes.